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“The Lord of War”

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February 2010

On January 8′th, 2010, a movie named “Lord of War”, was broad-casted on Israeli television. The movie tells of an African tyrant, who used to purchase weapons from an American weapon merchant and use it for mass murder. The movie shows, how when the weapon merchant is caught and investigated he brags before his investigators that a government agent is about to enter the room that instant and release him.

His prediction turns out to be true. Earlier, in his conversation with his investigators, the weapon merchant tells them that the United States, Britain and other countries are buying and selling weapons, which have caused numerous murders. He says, the number of victims of “legal and clean” weapons that fill the supplies of tyrants, are far higher than the victims of illegal weapons. From some strange reason, the name of Israel, which is known widely for its weapons merchandise with tyrant-murderers all over the world, was not mentioned in the film, (has this been done on purpose, with Israel’s hand in the silencing act?). The criminal, Nazi, Racist state of Israel – let it be condemned for its atrocious part in selling weapons to tyrants and contributing to the deaths of many tens of thousands. There isn’t a single tyrant, in America, Africa, Asia, cruel as he may be that would be refused weapons and military advice from Israel.

I haven’t actually seen the movie from the start, so I missed many parts.

In November, 2003, I wrote a document named “A call to the victims and those harmed by the Holocaust, Tyranny, the occupation and Racism” (A part of that document is quoted later in this text). When I asked some Lefties (as left wing people are referred to, in Israel often) to read this document, a strange, amazing, unbelievable thing happened to me. My “Lefty friends” who are boastful, racist, lier, unpredictable, fake, Hippocrates, disliked the document, and had treated me and my text with disrespect and ridicule, heavily criticizing my writing, and angry with me for writing such things. There is no explanation for this strange phenomena. The screwed up Lefties did not agree with me on a single word written in this document, and in others. Strange.

The Israeli Lefties, are very sensitive of any harm done to human rights human property, but on one condition!! The condition is, that the victims must be nice, and liked by the Lefties. The victims of exploitation, slavery, oppression and deprivation who aren’t nice and, unloved by the Lefties do not interest or bother those good hearted, peace provoker Lefties, and they ignore them completely, forsaking them to their cruel fate. Only nice, pleasant, victims are of any interest for the Lefties! The tyrant, murderer and cannibal Idy Amin, who used to eat his victims, doesn’t interest those “wide hearted, peace and justice lovers”, because all his victims were black, “ugly”, and “not nice”.

The victims of war crimes and acts of terror which were mentioned in that document and other documents I write, are all – not nice! However, the war criminals and weapon merchants which were mentioned, all seem to be very nice white people, and therefor the Lefties like them. (the writer of these lines himself is not nice, not nice at all, even obnoxious, and so the Gentle hearted, peace and justice loving Lefties do not like him, in fact they despise him and his style of writing).

The self loving Lefties, do not like reading texts and criticism, more sharp and bitter than stuff they could write themselves, and it’s uncomfortable for them to read someone else’s opinions. The Damn Lefties like reading only what they themselves write. Other people’s writing is seen by the Lefties as rubbish and empty words. The Lefties like ambiguous, cloudy texts, written gently and with restraint, that do not anger anybody. If the Screwed up Lefties would read this document they would probably faint from its “straight in the face” attitude. The Lefties are megalomaniac and will not suffer competitors. Many Lefties, whose assistance I have asked for, have rejected me, claiming they haven’t the time. I wanted to send this document, and one other to the law court for war crimes in Haag. I searched for someone from the Left wing party who would translate it for me. I could not find a single damn Lefty, who would agree to translate!!!

Some years ago, some guy on my contact list, living in London, tried to arrest an Israeli officer and accuse him of war crimes. I sent this contact the text “A cry for victims…”, and one other document which debates about the trialling of war criminals. The contact did not even bother to answer me back, and avoided me and my letter completely, as it seems, because of the reasons I have already mentioned.

In Africa, people are murdered and die everyday, from starvation, disease, wars and man-slaughter. The natural resources of Africa, mineral quarries, diamonds (“Blood Diamonds”, which are slaved for and merchandised in Israel, in the Diamond Bursa in Ramat Gan), are stolen and robed, and with the money made, weapons for genocide are bought. But the “gentle hearted, peace and justice provoker” lefties don’t give a damn, it doesn’t bother them. They too, want to buy diamonds for cheep prices. The color of blood does not seem to bother them.

Quoted here is a part of the document I mentioned before, that the nice, gentle hearted lefties hate so much:

“A call to the victims and those harmed by the Holocaust, the Tyranny, the occupation and Racism”

Nov, 2003

In August, 2003, the tyrant and cannibal, Idy Amin, who received refuge in Saudi Arabia, passed away. The tyrant, mass murderer, who used to eat of his victim’s flesh, was not trialled for his crimes, because there were none who made sure of it. If there were people, organizations and governments who would bother to collect evidence, testimonies and such, perhaps the tyrant, murderer, and cannibal, Idy Amin would rot in his cell, in the last of his years. Idy Amin, may his memory be cursed for all eternity, and many other war criminals – may they be blessed with long lives behind bars – from all over the world, who committed crimes against humanity, and acts of terror and many murders – Israeli, American, Iraqi, Turks, Nazis, Racist, weapon producers and merchandisers, occupations, transfer, apartheid, home destroyers and settlement builders, criminals of the globalism, from the world bank and the world coin foundation, robbers and exploiters of natural resources, that cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and children in hunger and disease, in regard to all of these, it is possible, and an obligation to put them to justice for their crimes!!! (end quotation)

With lefties, such as these “gentle hearted, peace and justice advocates”, that so hate each other, and are split up amongst themselves, and with the likes of such human rights organizations, war criminals can sleep peacefully. War criminals, are in fact smart and strong people, have diplomatic immunity, receive support from the Israeli government and the “Shabak” (Israeli secret security force), and so they have nothing to fear. There will come a day in which governments, international organizations, racist, Nazi, Zionist, and imperialist, will declare a mass conceding for all war criminals, whom ever they are, new and old. It is quite possible, even that war criminals will be acknowledged as righteous gentiles!!!

The prophesy is given to the ignorant. But, in a twisted, sick reality, when the powerful states invest massive amounts of money in death industries, that produce massive amounts of a wide range of smarter killing machines, for mass murder, and robotic weaponry, and with so many war criminals, old and young, roaming around the planet freely, visiting foreign countries as important guests, and are given the red carpet (red, as the blood they shed!), anything, anything can happen.

The criminal, Nazi, racist government of Israel, who has committed so many crimes and acts of terror against humanity, and whose hands are contaminated by much blood, has lately threatened the Palestinian authority, through the head of the Shabak, Yuval Diskin, and a prime officer: “The head of the Shabak – give up Goldstone, or we will turn the west bank into a second Gaza” (Ha’aretz, 17.1.10), and delay the election in the human rights council of the UN”. They have also added to their threat, that they will put much more restrictions on the freedom of movement in the west bank, and will start operating all the checkpoints again, and “make their lives miserable”. Indeed, quite a price tag, and an adequate Zionist reaction! Hitler would be very pleased to hear this, and proud of his students, his successors who walk in his path, from the third “national home”, the continuum of the third Reich.

With war crimes such as these, and with such corrupted governments, that have committed such horrible war crimes in the past, and Genocide in their occupied colonies, in India, Alger, Africa, America and so many other places, there is no chance that war criminals, old and new alike will be put to judgment for their crimes. With the masters, strong, good and the keen, who command the death industries, and a great arsenal of brand new clever weaponry, who occupy, who commit man-slaughter, who oppress the weak, the lesser of class, the “bad” and the “stupid”, enslaving them and depriving them of their land and their natural resources, (for more information on Blood Diamonds, see the file “Strong – and life is good for him, weak – and life is bad for him”). See what an upside down, distorted world we live in. A twisted reality in which, the strong masters, the white of skin, the “cultural”, those that conquer, those that oppress, tyrannize, exploit and enslave the weak, are the good guys – however the weak, the dark skinned, the “primeval and primitive”, the oppressed, exploited, enslaved ones – are the bad guys!!!

Shabtay Levy

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