Aug 23 2010

The Nuclear Nakbah

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December 2007

Hitler’s son, Bush, president of the kingdom of crime and evil, heir and successor of his father Adolf Hitler, threatens us with World War 3. Israel and US have a great arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, produced by the death industries, chemical, bacteriological and nuclear ones.

Using such an arsenal, at the hands of the kingdom of crime and evil and it’s major accomplice, criminal, Nazi and racist Israel, would be the Final Solution and the Nakbah of the Arab and Muslim nations.

Adolf Hitler would be very proud of his disciples, sons, heirs and successors, US and Israel. The 1948 Nakbah, will be nothing compared to the dreadful nuclear Nakbah which awaits us in the future by the hands of the kingdom of crime and evil, the US, and criminal, Nazi and racist Israel. This is the Final Solution prepared for us by the US and Israel.

One nuclear bomb would kill more people then the Jews, Gypsies, Armenians, Slavs and others killed in Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps, and more then Indigenous and other tribes murdered and obliterated by the masses in America, Asia and Australia. A single Nuclear Bomb is equivalent to all the gas chambers and crematoriums in all the Nazi concentration camps.

As a result of the Final Solution of the Arabs and the Nakbah, A Jewish Lebensraum will be formed for the settlements and new sources for oil, water and minerals. Soon after executing the Final Solution, the final annihilation and destruction of the Arabs and the occupation, it will be possible to renew the Jewish settlement in the occupied territories and to raise new settlements – the Jewish settlement of Nineveh, the Jewish settlement of Damascus, Beirut, Pumbedita, Nehardeah, Qirkuk, Assyria, Tehran, Baghdad, Aden, San’a, Riyadh, Kandahar and all the purified Jewish Lebensraum conquered.

As it says in the Torah: “Every place on which the sole of your foot treadeth [and your bomb dropped – S.L.], to you I have given it[...]” – Joshua 1:3

On the war crimes and atrocious acts committed by Israel and the US see: – a site of protest and vengeance.

Shabtay Levi

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