Aug 23 2010

The Twin Towers

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September 2006

These days the world commemorates the 5th anniversary of the destruction of the Twin Towers, the former residence of the World Trade Center. We, the victims of US imperialism and its senior accomplice, Zionism, rejoice at the site of the destruction of one of the symbols of crime, evil, corruption, exploitation, usury and American despotism.

Indeed, there is no doubt we have good reasons to be happy with the downfall of the Americans. But we should stop for a minute, think and remember, that the 3000 victims who perished as a result of the collapse, who were trapped and buried alive under the debris and burned alive in the inferno, suffocated from the smoke and dust, and jumped to their deaths from the burning towers, were mere hard-working employees: cleaners, maintenance workers, firemen and policemen. Those people were subjected to a daily threat of being fired, received miniscule wages, barely managing to make ends meet and survive.

Thus, this cannot be a wholehearted joy. If most of the casualties were members of the upper classes, tycoons, big bosses, decision makers, who determine the fate of millions of people and sentence them to death in wars, disease, poverty and hunger, then we would have had an excellent reason to celebrate and rejoice.

The collapsed Twin Towers, the WTC, were one of the symbols of domination, exploitation and robbery, as the “White” House (“White” like Hitler’s Reichstag), the Pentagon, CIA, World Bank Group, International Monetary Fund, real estate sharks, bankers, arms dealers and death profiteers, who rob the weak countries of their natural resources, exploit their peoples as cheap work force, and cause the death of millions of human beings in wars, disease, poverty and hunger.

Every day, dozens of human beings in the 40 poorest countries in the 3rd world, especially children, die of starvation. While I’m writing these lines, another child has died of starvation or disease, or landmines, courtesy of Israel and US death industries. Many children were left with severed limbs. By the time you finish reading this article, a few more children will die, courtesy of the Washington criminal death-brokers and their Zionist accomplices.

If all of these criminals meet with Hitler in hell, including G.W. Bush, who will join them soon, Insha’alla, and all of his Zionist accomplices, Hitler would pale in embarrassment and get overcome by inferiority complex, when he hears about the horrible crimes the Americans have committed.

While the Nazis have committed their crimes mainly in Europe, parts of North Africa and Asia, the Americans have massacred people all around the world. While the Nazis have caused the death of nearly 50 million people, who can even count the number of victims of American war crimes and atrocities all around the world? We surely will never know the number of indigenous peoples of the Americas who were killed by colonialist savages. There is no inch on this planet the US and its accomplices have spared their filthy hands, weapons and soldiers who came to kill, conquer and steal natural resources.

Those who pay the terrible price of occupation, oppression and exploitation, are always the common people, the poor, who rot away in poverty and terrible hardship in their lives, health, freedom, property and dignity.

If only we could witness in our life time, Insha’alla, the destruction on the kingdoms of evil and crime, Israel and the US, like Sodom and Gomorra or Nazi Germany.

Shabtay Levi

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