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The cry is the cry of all of us

The cry is the cry of all of us

This web site was opened as a protest against and revenge for all the crimes, suffering, humiliation and cruely, which the state of Israel committed against me and a lot of others: Jews, Arabs and other nations; to the country that provided weapons, consulting and military and security support for the bloodthirsty despots in the Central and South America, Asia and Africa.

If there was a book written today on the issue, the crimes of the State of Israel could be numbered as hundreds and thousands. There is no such a crime, such an abominable mean deed that the State of Israel, criminal in its very nature, was squeamish about and avoided to perfrom it.

The cry is the cry of all of us

There was a German writer or poet who said once:

how is it possible to pronounce the word “love” in German after everything the Nazis did to Jews and to other nations??

I am asking you: how is it possible, in the State of Israel, to say such words as justice, honesty and decency, love to the neighbor or mercy? after everything it, together with the Israeli Army, Police, Court and Security Forces did to me, to Jews, Arabs and other nations?

This web site consists of seven parts:

  • Banality of the Zionistic wickedness;
  • The accident;
  • An example of the Trial of Justice;
  • Responses
  • Work frees?
  • Annulment of the Oath of Allegiance.

The web site was opened when two years passed after my discharge from the prison, and as a direct consequence of the ?trial,? of the traffic accident, closing the case with the post-scriptum of the ?lack of evidences,? refusal to allow any medical treatment, criminal negligence, discrimination, injustice and more.

This web site is opened as a protest against and revenge for the numerous injustices directed towards me personally. It is also supposed to bring into light the protest, pain and terrible sufferings of the millions of people all over the world ? Palestinians, Bedouins, Jews, Armenians, Kurds, Gypsies, Albanians, Indians, Blacks, Australian and Tasmanian tribes, Bushmen from South Africa and others, who suffered and still suffer from the wicked deeds of the governments of Germany, Israel, USA, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, France, Great Britain, Spain? the list may be continued.

Silent victims of the war crimes, crimes against humanity ? Genocide, transfer, despotism, tyranny, dictatorship, racism, apartheid, occupation, exile, destruction of houses, land expropriation, colonization and more? they are not able to tell the world about their protest and sufferings.

I hope that these silent victims, isolated in prisons, self-conscious people enclosed, under compulsion, in psychiatric clinics, those exiled from their motherland, suffering from undernourishment and starvation, poverty and diseases, living hopeless life with not future and no glimmer of light, would refer to this web site as theirs.

This web site contains materials, which are hard for reading and may cause extremely negative reaction and bring actions against me, such as long-term imprisonment (it is the ?final solution? that the State of Israel may offer me) and various legal means such as intimidation, violence, harassments, mystical accident and even worse.

And all these under the protection of the police, which closes the case on the basis of a simple reason of the ?lack of evidences? (if it would open it at all). As you can imagine, it makes no sense to submit a complaint.

I am about to start a hunger strike as a protest against my imprisonment and I will go with this hunger strike until I will be able to cope with it, taking into account my health situation.

This web site is under the danger of being closed by the Israeli government and by different gangs of Jewish Organiztions in Israel and USA.

I hereby proclaim that the curses and imprecations volleyed against the State of Israel, Zionism and Jews are the consequence of abuse, negligence, injury, oppression and terrible suffering. I am afraid that the Nazistic, anti-Semitic and chauvinistic organizations may use the materials of this web site for their mean needs against my will.

The reproach I hurl at Jews, the State of Israel and Zionism are true for all the States, all the nations and all the religious institutions.

Racists, anti-Semites and the dregs of humanity that will be more than glad to read these lines and to use them for their durty purposes against my will and intention and will very much enjoy it?better for them to look closely at their own filthy hands before they open their mean thirsty mouths. I refer here to all the Nazis, racists and other dregs of humanity ? Jews, Mouslims, Christians and others:

Before you, Nazis and accursed racists and humanity haters quote and make use of the materials presented on this web site, make sure that you understand that I speak here about you!

Thus, I repeat that the cause of the extremely negative attitude towards Jews, Zionism and the State of Israel is that I suffered a lot from the State of Israel and Jews; I suffered humiliation, oppression, exploitation, deceit and much-much more.

Shabtai Does Not Forget, Does Not Excuse And Does Not Give Up!!!

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