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“In the place of judgment,

Wickedness was there;

And in the place of righteousness,

Iniquity was there.”

(Ecclesiastes 3:16)

“He looked for justice, but behold, oppression;

For righteousness, but behold, a cry for help.”

(Isaiah 5:7)

During the interview for press the person mentioned above was asked the following questions:

Present yourself shortly.

My name is Shabtai Levi. I was born in Palestine on 28.2.1940. My condition under the Zionist occupation is very similar to the one of the Arabs, and to the situation of the Jews when they were under the Nazi occupation. I suffered from the very young age, in the kindergarten, in school, in the army, and everywhere, and I do still suffer from abuses, from humiliation, from suppression, from mockery, from exploitation and being in slavery to the Jewish nation of masters, (the Nazis called themselves as “the German nation of masters”), when they treated to me like they treated Arabs. In the year 1974, four years after the accident, I converted to Islam to express my protest and to retaliate. That action was a political one, and it was done in an attempt to show empathy with the suffering of the Arabs, the victims of the occupying Zionist. A number of times I required from the occupying authorities to cancel my Oath of Allegiance that I took in the army. All my requests were rejected.

At the age of 30 I was hurt in the road accident, (of 24.4.1970, see the chapter “The accident”). The accident hurt me in such a hard and complex form, that I call it as “holocaust”. Till now, 30 years after the accident, I have not still succeeded to recover from it yet, and to get over the catastrophe. It has already been 30 years, from the accident, that I has been living live like an old man. I do not work and I do not study. I do not have any desire to do anything or to get anything. I do not have vehicle, in spite of disability in the legs. I began to receive the disability annuity from the National Insurance Agency only 15 years after the accident (in 1985). The money that was saved on me, and on a lot of others, were used for the suppression of the nation of Palestine, for the establishing settlements, for the wars, for production and purchasing of weapon, and for the creation of additional atomic bombs.


I will never forget this. Once, when I was in the Ihilov hospital after the accident, some physical therapy nurse, whose name was Loz, approached me, asked how I felt and offered me a lawyer, who would take care of the case of the accident. I agreed and delivered the road accident file No. 70/2241, which was closed for the “lack of proofs “. The lawyer that Mrs. Loz offered me was her husband. She did not tell me that. My parents did not think that way, and approached some other lawyer. The sadistic cruel monster Mrs. Loz was very angry on me, and she took vengeance on me. When the doctors asked the monster Loz to lift me from the bed in order to have some walk, she decided to do this exactly at the time when the floor was wet with soap after cleaning, hoping that I would slip and fall, (I helped myself with the crutches, which were very slippery). When the doctors requested from the Nazi monster Loz that she would help me to sit on a chair, she refused to help me to sit down, (both of my legs were in the gypsum), and wanted that the I would drop myself backwards on the chair, which would lead me to horrible level of physical pain. When I refused, the Nazi monster argued with me and pushed me to the chair by force. (All this happened about a month after the accident, short time after the operation, when I suffered from the great pain and my wounds were open.). Some day the doctors asked her to make a manipulation on foot. She gave me infusion with morphine for the pain relief. The Nazi monster started immediately flexing my leg with great force. I cried from the enormous pain, but the Nazi monster ignored that. I asked the doctor for help, and the doctor ordered her to wait until the drug takes over. The treatment was not carried out finally, for the monster was very busy. All the patients hated the monster Loz, and called her lady of Horror (the name “Loz” in Hebrew is very similar to the word “horror”).

As a result of harassments of the patients in the room, I requested to put me in the corridor, to get some privacy and silence. From time to time I used to enter the room to visit a friend. When the Nazi monster Loz in saw me the room, she took me immediately out, forcibly, with the wheelchair, arguing that my wounds pollute the room with dangerous germs. The patients were very happy, and did not let me enter the room. Some day, when I was stopped at the entrance of the room, I pulled a cord out of the bandage, rolled it into the ball, threw to the center of the room, said that it was full of dangerous germs, and ran from there immediately. I heard curses and cries until I reached the end of the corridor.

When the patients wanted to get out of the room, they had to pass the corridor next to my bed, did not fear my dangerous germs at all. My nice dangerous germs worried very much about the poor patients rambling across the corridor next to my bed, and refrained from getting out of the contagious wound in an attempt not to infect the poor patients with serious diseases, and not to endanger their lives. What a nice, friendly and merciful germs!

The patients distributed rumors about me that I dig into my wounds. One patient, who had very developed imagination and great reasoning abilities, “saw” me when I opened the door by kick with my wounded and bleeding leg. (My leg was broken into pieces and became shorter by 3.5 cm). They “blamed” me that for a long time ago I could be at home, and more and more to the point.

The Nazi monster Loz concluded from the fact that the case No. 70/2241, which was in the hands of her husband, a lawyer, was closed for “lack of proofs”, that she dealt with a stupid looser, inferior and worthless person, who should not be treated as a human being, should not be respected and even considered. The stupid Jew Shabtai Levi does not have a proper structure of the skull, he does not belong to the pure Jewish race, nation of salvation, chosen of the nations. He does not belong to the nation of the Jewish masters, his race is inferior, and Lord did not choose him from all the nations. Even the Police does not consider him seriously, and hence they closed the case of road accident, No. 2241/70, for “lack of proofs”.

I was in heavy shock as a result of the accident, and I was not able to react against the actions of the Nazi monster Loz. The Nazi monster Loz used this sad situation, and tortured me without any possible reaction from my side. It has been already 32 years since the catastrophe, (since the road accident of 24.4.1970), and I have not recovered from the shock that attacked me during the accident yet.

From the medical staff, who hated the monster Mrs. Loz as well we knew that once the monster gave birth to a baby who died later. If the Nazi monster Loz treated her baby like she treated us, the patients, that is not a surprise that the baby died.

An Arab woman was brought into a hospital in Naharia to the labor department. She was about to deliver and was asked by a nurse to postpone the process. The Arab woman told that she could not delay and delivered without any help. The Jewish nurse heavily slapped her.

Arab women in childbirth, who arrive by their feet to the hospital without accompaniment receive an injection that causes to the delay of the birth, which is harmful to the baby and to the mother. The Nazi and racist state of Israel, a criminal, that kills and assassinates a lot of Arabs, as it is written in the sacred and innocent Israeli Torah: “kill the good from the gentiles!” in any possible way, to save on the expenses (birth grant, children funds, health, education and more), prefers to kill them when they are small, as well as their threats are). The goal to create the Jewish living space (Lebensraum) and to preserve the purity of the Jewish race sanctifies all the means.

Question. In the Internet site that you have created, you made use of the most hard expressions and formulations. Why is that?

If Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi Satan, that executed his monstrous experiments on Jews, and others, would examine me and if he were aware of my situation, (and to the situation of a lot of others, who are under Israeli authority), his eyes would stand out of his had due to great envy and surprise from his former students-victims Jews, if he learnt that his former students and his former victims Jews had surpassed their teacher and rabbi. Dr. Mengele would experience difficulties in an attempt to believe the his eyes, that the State of Israel, being the Third Temple, the Nazi inheritor and the follower of their way, continues to commit crimes of war and atrocities, and crimes against the mankind, like that was done in the Third Reich. A Jew is a Nazi to a Jew. My situation is not different from the situation of the Nazi Holocaust survivors, and from the situation of other refugees and transferred ones, mentally as well as emotionally. Access to any medical treatment was taken from me after the accident, when the hospitals Hadassah in Tel Aviv and Tel Hashomer refused to give me rehabilitative treatment after the accident. I was in deep depression as a result of the accident. Dr. Kalachi from the mental health department in Tel Aviv, and Dr. Dan Boston from the channel to the mental health department in Ramat Gan refused to help me. Dan Boston argued that I try to exploit my condition, and to make use of my situation.

I will tell you about an accident that happened to me several times. It is not pleasant to speak about that in public. It was better to tell about this accident to a mental doctor. But it has been already late, and I have never been honored by receiving any medical mental treatment, and I do not have anybody to whom I would be able to tell this, so I am compelled to tell it here, in the Internet site, for everybody know the story. In spite of the fact that the publication of the story does depress me, I decided to publish it in an attempt to illustrate my words about the Nazi Satan and his friends, the Jews.

Men are quite well familiar with the phenomenon, which is called “wet dreams”, or “night accident”, meaning pollution. I experienced a different phenomenon – “dry dreams”. “Dry dream” is similar to “wet dream”, but there are significant differences as well. In a dry dream there is no erection, there is no penetration, and there is no ejaculation. Perfect “total loss”. There is no doubt, that DR. Mengele would suffer from hard inferiority complex if he knew that his former victims, who became his students, surpassed their rabbi and teacher.

In the childhood, I read a book about Israeli soldiers in the British army who fought against Nazis. A soldier, who served in Greece, met a survivor of the Holocaust, a child, on whom Nazis performed their monstrous experiments and castrated him. This child used to show to everybody, what Nazis had done to him, in an attempt to avenge them.

Due to the fact that there is no any significant difference between Nazi Germany and the State of Israel, I also talk about everything that the Zionist Nazis did to me. The Third Temple is the direct successor of the Third Reich. Satan Kalchi and Satan Dan Boston, and other devils (all of them are psychiatrists), who refused to take care of me, are colleagues of Nazi Satan Mengele, his heirs and followers.

On 5.1.88 a doctor from the mental department in Ramat Gan said me this: ” You have been neglected for a long time, and now it is not possible to take care of you”.

As a result of the accident, and of the heavy events that happened to me, before the accident and after it, hard deterioration in my somatic and mental conditions occurred. The Exemplary Law Court of Justice, Light to the Nations, and the last imprisonment, when I served my sentence in jail from September 98 and until March 99, aggravated my condition even more. When I got arrested, I wasn’t able to eat anything for 4 days. After 4 days without food, they examined my blood pressure in the prison clinic Abu Kabir. The blood pressure rose up to 180, and that was after fasting for 4 days. Also after I was freed from the prison, I suffer from high blood pressure, which got up to 120 of diastolic and up to 190 of systolic.

About a year after the accident, due to the tremendous acrimony, due to the great anger, the frustration and the mental state of distress, which stroke me, due to the fact that the case No. 2241/70 was closed for the “lack of proofs”, the prevention of medical treatments, the loss of the “case” of payment delay, and more, (see “Work makes you free”), I started to write curses, which were aimed against the state, on money bills. I wrote as following: “Cry, the damned State of Israel. Raise your voice in hoarse of agony and in scream of death. The state of Sodom, the government of Gomorrah, the Fascist Israel – your end will be exactly the same as the end of Nazi Germany”. I distributed for about 400 bills like that during the years 1971- 1974. I was arrested a number of times by the Police, and I was several times sentenced to imprisonment.

Tell us about the letters, which were the cause for you to be arrested.

As a result of the great anger against the State of Israel, due to the accident, due to the fact that the case No. 2241/70 was closed for the “lack of proofs”, the prevention of medical treatments, due to the “compensations” that I got for the accident, the loss of the case of payment delay and a lot of more, I started to fiercely hate the State of Israel. In the years seventies and eighties I wrote a lot of letters to ministers, to the Prime Minister, members of Knesset, to the Government offices, and others. The letters were written in a very hard and offensive manner: “the successors of Nazis and their followers”, and “Zionazis” (Zionists – Nazis). Some of the letters are attached to the chapter “Reactions”. I finished a number of the letters (that are not attached to that chapter) by the following words, which were written in red and gradually enlarging letters:

“In blood and fire Palestine was defeated. In blood and fire Palestine will rise up!!!”

Question. In the letters that you wrote to the court of law, concerning the Exemplary Law Court of Justice, Light to the Nations, you called yourself “stupid Jew Shabtai Levi”. Explain that.

The Jews, as it is known by everybody, is a nation of intelligent people. All of them are clever, all of them are reasonable, and all of them know the Torah, the Torah of the race, the Torah of robbery and of slavery, the Torah of exploitation, of deceit, of robbery and of abusing a weak one. The intelligent of intelligent through generations, too much intelligent, they really suffer from over quantity of intelligence. Too much intelligent Jews, that suffer from over quantity of intelligence, always used to mock me, to oppress me and to abuse me, and they used to call me stupid, mad, crazy, idiot, screwed up, dumb and more. And all of this has been happening from the very childhood. A Jew that suffers from mental retardation is thought of as intelligent and genius one in comparison to me. The Jewish nation of masters, chosen by Lord from all the nations, and this is the reason for the extra intelligence.

The nickname “stupid Jew”, that I assigned to myself, was created as a protest, retaliation, and as an act of my deepest contempt for the mental abilities of the intelligent Jews, and for their great sensibility, and as a protest against chauvinism, and against the nightmare of the Jewish racism. Also the prophet Isaiah thought the same way: “Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, And prudent in their own sight!” (Isaiah 5:21).

There exist a phenomenon that I encountered a lot of times: at the time I chat with people, and tell them about something that they do not know, they always sneered on me and claimed that I was a dumb, and that I did not know what I was talking about. In Israel “the stupid” is not the one who does not know. “The stupid” is the one who does know. In Israel, “the stupid” is the one who does not have power, and not the one who does not have intellect.

In the letter which was sent by the lawyer Menachem Goshan, from Nahariya, to the Police of Akko on 22.11.88 and to the bureau of the lawyers in Haifa on21.10.88 he wrote that I was mentally ill, and that I had been already hospitalized in the past for a number of times in the psychiatric hospital. I delivered a copy of this letter to the court of law, (see the letter of 7.5.96 in the chapter “Exemplary Law Court of Justice”). The judge, a layman, Hanan Efrati asked me in which mental hospital I had been hospitalized, and sent me for an additional observation. Also in the Police of Nahariya, case No. 88/2341, they wanted to know in what mental hospital I had been hospitalized. In the examination that was performed it became clear to them that the lawyer Menachem Goshan had told lies. (The statement of intentions, the first surgeon Ami Tal from the Police of Nahariya, of 22.12.89 and of 24.12.89. The Police of Nahariya did not undertake any judicial measures against the lawyer Menachem Goshan. (Is not it possible that this was the reason to close the case?).

I was examined by DR. Frederik Veil, a chief psychiatrist of Haifa region, in order to receive pension for disability from the National Insurance Agency, and in order to receive guardianship. After the “examination” that was performed just in a few minutes, when for the most of the time the doctor was busy just with studying the previous medical data, he wrote his “medical opinion”, which was full of stupid things, such as, “mental level is under the average”, and more.

On 17.6.90 I was examined in the institution “Rom”, an institution for practical psychology, under authority of the National Insurance Agency, in an attempt to get accepted to the course of computer technician. Their medical statement there was absolutely different from the “medical opinion” of Frederic Veil.

The “mentally ill person who was already hospitalized in mental hospital for a number of times in the past”, “a mentally abnormal and intellectually deficient one”, (according to the “medical opinion” of the lawyer Menachem Goshan), and “the one who has a intellectual level under the average” by DR. Frederik Veil, finished successfully the course of technician of computers in the college “Sivan” on 24.6.91, and other courses, computer graphics and engineering, and got a certificate.

Question. What was it that happened between you and the lawyer Menachem Goshen from Nahariya, who made a complaint against you in Police?

My brother Yitzhak Levi wanted to accept guardianship on me. In order to do so he approached his friend, the lawyer Goshan. Goshan energetically took up the great holy mission, and he called up DR. Frederik Veil as well. The two of the combatants for the sake of the justice and the freedom, energetically took up the matter, and for the sake of that they employed all the means, including lies.

I was not able to come to terms with the fact, that someone would decide for me, and took all the measures against that, including appeal to a lawyer. The attempt to appoint a guardianship on me failed. The filthy and despising measures hurt me hard, and therefore I decided to act, by means of posting advertisements for both partners. (As it is known, it is forbidden to lawyers and to the doctors to advertise themselves).

In the advertisements that I printed and posted, in the places close to the courts of law in Haifa and Nahariya, and to the place of work of DR. Veil, hospital Rambam, I wrote so (shortened):

“The lawyer Menachem Goshan has tight contacts with the Ministry of defense, the court of law, the Police of Israel, the bureau of lawyers, the National Insurance Agency, and with a lot of psychiatrists, who will help You, and will deliver the medical opinion everybody, who requires that, in exchange for payment”.

“The lawyer Menachem Goshan is ready to do to for You much more than it is required, the only thing that matters – that a customer will be contented. A customer is always right, and the goal does sanctify all the means”.

“15% discount to the bearer of this coupon”.

“Lawyer Menachem Goshan, Hertzel street 65, Nahariya, telephone 927418, 928792″.

At the bottom of every advertisement I printed discount coupons for the sum of 15%, for all those who will bring those coupons.

To DR. bull Frederik Veil, I wrote as following (shortened):

“DR. Frederik Veil will be very happy to help you, and to deliver a medical opinion, according to your request and your order, for the price that is defined by the Ministry of Health “.

I attached the discount coupons to the advertisements to DR. Veil.

On that very day, only 5 hours after I had finished the posting of the advertisements I returned to the place to see what was going on. The advertisements were on their places, and part of the discount coupons were torn off by people who were passing by.

I posted for about 15 advertisements for each of them every time, and I did for about 8 – 9 of the postings like that. Part of the discount coupons had been being torn off just for several hours.

After the case No. 88/2341 had been closed, I was summoned to the Police of Nahariya to study the case materials. Only then I was able to evaluate the extent of the damage and harassment which I had caused to the lawyer Goshan, as a result of “mad advertising”, according to his words, and to evaluate the great deal of troubling that I caused to him and to his friend DR. Veil, who was compelled to write letters to all the people mentioned in advertising in order to apologize and to explain the meaning of the strange advertising.

I cut the “medical opinion” of DR. Veil lengthwise, pasted the two halves one after another, rolled it around an empty cylinder of toilet paper, and sent it back to DR. Veil, to the Minister of health, to the Union of medical workers, for another use (recycled items), according to their real value.

Question. At the “trial” that was held against you, you confessed voluntarily. Why?

I did this in the second “trial”, criminal case No. 98/3995, after I had learned the kindness and qualification of the judge, a layman, Hanan Efrati, and his relation to the complainant, and the compliments, which he said to the miserable and innocent plaintiff, a victim of violence and racism, in the first “trial” criminal case No. 93/7854. The judge, a layman, Hanan Efrati very seriously considered the two letters of 9.4.98, in which I wrote that I confessed voluntarily, and a lot of other stupid things, which were very pleasant ones for the ears of the judge, a layman. The lie, which was recalled a lot of times, and which was to the favor of the State, the complainant and the court of Law – turned to be the truth.

Question. In the chapter ” Exemplary Law Court of Justice “, you wrote that you had paid the amount of NIS 9000, and other sums of money after the other 3 cases. Explain that.

I did this as a protest against the judicial injustice. The State of Israel, a prostitute, the mother of all the prostitutes, it did not hesitate to receive the harlot’s pay of this trial I sent letters to the judge Zoabi from the regional court of law of Nazareth, that I had paid amounts of money for the appeal of the criminal case No. 91/1 of the regional court of law of Nazareth as well, and I wrote to him, that the amounts of money that I had paid for this case, and for the previous one, the criminal case No. 90/2435, the Peace Court of Law of Nazareth, would be sent to the Jews living in Galilee, for the execution of transfer, and for the creation of Lebensraum (the Jewish living space), and for the execution of the final solution of the Arabs. I sent letters on this matter on 27.2.91, on 16.2.92, on7.3.93, and on 10.9.96, and to the Minister of Justice, to the State Controller and to the President as well. On 3.8.98 I sent a letter to the judge, a layman, Hanan Efrati, and the copies of it to the President of the Supreme Court of Law, the Minister of Justice, and to the State Controller, which was concerned by the harlot’s pay to the court of law in the sum of NIS 9000. (See the chapter ” Exemplary Law Court of Justice “).

Question. And what was their reaction?

There was no any reaction. They were very homogeneous in their silence. That is why, indeed, it is the State of Israel, a prostitute, the mother of all the prostitutes, which is very interested to receive a harlot’s pay for the court of law like this one, and the more it gets the better it feels, in order to be able to buy weapons, to create additional nuclear bombs, in order to create Lebensraum, to occupy additional lands, and to establish additional settlements, and more.

Question. Are there other expressions like those in your bag?

Yes, there are some, but it requires explanation. On 27.12.88 I filed a complaint at the Police of Iron, event No. 7, that an inhabitant of Ohm El Pahem, Mahmid Mahmud Mustafa Berkaat, had stolen a check from me, faked it and bought things on it for the amount of NIS 500. The thing happened at the time when I worked in the free labor camp, which was founded by the democratic authorities. When I filed the complaint, the policeman said to me, that I worked for free for the Arabs, and the one who had stolen the check from me, was, in fact, my friend.

On 31.5.90 I filed a complaint in the Police of Ramat Gan, diary entry No.16, against Taufik, an inhabitant of the occupied territories, who had stolen the wallet with money in cash from me.

After I had learned, once again, the efficiency of the Police, which I use to label “Gestapo”, I sent letters to the Police stations of Iron and Ramat Gan, and the copies of it to the Police Chief and to the Minister of Defense, and in those letters I requested to cancel my complaints. I explained that as follows: that the Arabs who had stolen money from me, are equal (everybody of them separately) to 1000 dumb Jews like me, (the parliament member Rehavoam Zeevi, a fascist, said once that a Jew is equal to 1000 Arabs), since they are positive Arabs, (the Gaulayter (the governor of a district in Nazi Germany, appointed to the office by Hitler), of the north district, Israel Kenig, offered to divide the Arabs into positive ones and negative ones), and Zionists, who contribute to the security of the State (kwizalings), and therefore they have to be awarded by the fact that the case is closed, to the respect and to the beauty of the State of Israel. The Gestapo accepted my argumentation, and closed the two cases.

Question. Tell us about the “contribution” to the foundation for the security of Israel.

Rafael Eitan (Rapul), who was General Staff Chief, established a foundation, which was known by the name of “Libi”, and which was aimed to raise the fund for the study and development of the weapons of mass destruction, modern and elaborated, of the militaristic industry, “Rafael” (the authority for development of combat facilities) in Nes Tsiona (a huge factory and science laboratories, that were founded to create chemical and bacteriological means of combat), nuclear bombs, a lot of factories that produce bombs, mines, war heads and other means of murder).

After I had learned what is produced there I notified them that I “contributed” the amount of my pension that I did not receive from the National Insurance Agency. (I began to receive my pension only in 1985, 15 years after the accident). In the letter that was attached to the “contribution”, I made an explicit statement, that I “contribute” to the development and production of the weapons of mass destruction, in an attempt to make the final solution of the Arabs happen, in an attempt to create the Jewish living space (Lebensraum) for the use of the Jewish nation of masters. The letter was published in the newspaper “Ha Olam ha Ze” (“This World” on 8.12.82.

The General Staff Chief, Rafael Eitan, liked contents of the letter very much, and the generous “contribution”, and invited me for supper to his place, in the General Staff Headquarters (the Wermacht of Israel). I was very perplexed. How would I be able to meet face to face with a criminal of war, and how would I shake the hands of the murderer Rapul, which are sullied in blood, and the hand that sign up the amnesties to the murderers of Arabs, and how will I sit and have lunch in the company of the criminals of war from top rank from the General Staff..

I advised my friend, and it was agreed between us that I would tell everything to them. I arrived to the General Staff, and there they gave me entrance permission, valid for one occasion only, and introduced me to the colonel Zeev Zeharin, (he was involved in helping phalanges in executing murders in Sabra and Shatilla). When Zeev Zeharin saw me he cried: “Oh, oh!”, because of the fact that they had immediately understood that they fell helpless. They took me to the office of the speaker of the Ministry of Defense. The speaker asked me why I had published the contribution and the letter in the newspaper “Ha Olam ha Ze” (“This World”). I said to them that I had done this as a protest thereon that I did not accept a pension for my disability from the National Insurgency Agency, as a joke, and the reasons for that. The speaker and Zeharin agreed between themselves, that before they answer the letter, and invite me to the lunch with Raful they would check the sender. By the story was over.

Question. What do you expect from the creation of this site?

I do not expect anything but troubles. I know for sure that I will be sent to jail again, after I refuse to close the site, and this time, for much longer period of time. That is the only “final solution”, which the State of Israel is able to offer me, and to others. What is likely for sure, that the hackers of the Ministry of Security will shut the site down, or will disrupt it, and all that – at the time when I serve my sentence in jail. I expect and ask that they develop a lot of mirror sites, and in the different languages, so that the criminals of office of the security will not success in their evil intents.

It is quite well known to me that I will be arrested and sent to jail. This thing does not frighten me, and does not deter me. There is another thing that I am very afraid of, and that is that the Nazis, racists and anti-Semites will use my data for their own dirty purposes, which are totally different from mine. The cause for the tough actions like giving up Judaism, neglecting the state of Israel and Zionism, (not all of them), is anger, frustration and pain due to everything that they did to me, and to others, abuses, humiliation, exploitation, deceits, and lies. The racism of Zionists (not Jewish ones), is not different from the racism of the Jewish Nazis, and of the State of Israel.

The Tel Aviv Peace Court of Law, in the criminal case No. 2302/79, has labeled the criminal, the violent and dangerous hooligan Shabtai Levi, as a “man of white collar, who really executed a lot of violent actions”.

In other trial, the judge stated, that I was dangerous to public, and sent me to the month of serving in jail, (without a verdict). I was arrested for 30 day a few more times, without any incrimination latter.

Nazis imprisoned their victims in the concentration camps, put prison robes on them, called them “criminals” and killed them.

Find the differences.

Question. Today, at the age of 62, 32 years after the accident, looking back, how would you summarize your life?

Total loss by all means. I studied in the school of “Council of Elders” in Tel Aviv, and in the school of “Council of Israel” in Ramat Gan. I suffered from mockeries, bullying, threats and harassments. The situation at home was problematic for me as well. I was behind the studies, and hence I was sent to examination at a doctor (probably, psychologist). After the examination had been finished my mother told to me, that the doctor had been surprised, that I had not succeeded in my studies. The examination revealed that I have a good ability to study, that I have good memory, and ability of comprehension. (Nowadays none of those properties remained).

My parents thought, in most of their intelligence, that if I had failed in studies, then it would be better that I go to work. I did not succeed in any place of work, and I was immediately fired. It has been continuing up to the age of 30. The same causes that distracted me in studies, distracted me also in work, and in all the other fields.

My life can be divided up into 3 parts: before the accident, (24.4.1970), and after the accident. Before the accident, due to the abuses, the bullying, the failures, discrimination and servitude, due to the great suffering, I had a hope for the better future. Today, 32 years, 11,700 days after the awful accident, I do not already have anything to expect, except for calamities, troubles, diseases, and long imprisonment as a result of opening the site. Due to my hard disability, and because of the fact that I don’t have a vehicle, I am absolutely dependent upon the public transportation, which comes to halt for a day and a quarter per week, from six o’clock in the evening of Friday, and Saturday, and in holidays, due to the religious compulsion. In the Saturdays and in the holidays I am imprisoned at home. There is no any difference between being closed at home and being closed in the prison. Hence, a black, sad, obscure, threatening and miserable future waits for me, without a spark of hope, without a ray of light, without solution. The second part of my life, which is after the accident, is divided up into 2 parts, the one before the “trial” and the imprisonment, (6.9.98), and the one after the imprisonment.

The Jews hate each other. The white Jews (Ashkenazi ones) hate the black Jews (oriental ones), religious and secular ones, right and left ones, strong and weak ones, and vice versa. The Jews, all of them hate the Arabs and the gentiles (the Christians). The Ashkenazi Jews hated me due to the fact that I am of Oriental origin and that I am similar to an Arab. Oriental Jews hated me because they thought I was an Ashkenazi Jew. The Jewish racism is aimed against Jews and gentiles as well.

If I had been able to change the fate, to return the wheel of the time 62 years backwards, and to choose between 2 possibilities, both unprecedented hard, bitter, and cruel – to survive the Jewish Holocaust of Nazi Germany, to rehabilitate, and to live normal human life, or to suffer through the Zionistic Holocaust, as I have been suffering through it now, since the day I was born, and which end is not observable even in far future, without any ray of hope, without flash of hope for better future, there is no doubt that I would have chosen the first possibility. After the Jewish Holocaust of Nazi Germany a lot of the survived victims were compensated, rehabilitated, and nowadays they manage to live the normal human life. Me, being a victim of the Zionistic Holocaust, the Arabs, who suffer from the apartheid and crimes against the human kind, and a lot of Jews, the victims of discrimination and deprivation, destitution and harassment, will not ever get the same privilege.

The Nazi Holocaust began in 1938 and ended in1945 after the fall of the Third Reich, when the victims were released from the death camps. The Zionistic Holocaust, that began in 1948, which brought to the high number of victims, Arabs and Jews, sowed destruction and desolation, still continues, and will continue till the final destruction of the Third Temple, like Sodom and Gomorra and like Nazi Germany.

There is no doubt, that the righteous Jews, the speakers of the truth, the peace lovers and the justice admirers, who have never told a single lie, the helpless complainant, a victim of violence and racism, the court of law, the Shabbak, the Police and The State of Israel will claim that I lie. (“The lie of Shabtai”). Those perfectly righteous ones, for whom the justice and the truth are a supreme value, as it is written in the holy and perfect Torah of Israel: “You shall follow what is altogether just” (Deuteronomy 16:20). Amen. They will succeed, in the Exemplary Law Court of Justice, Light to the Nations, according to ideals of the freedom, the justice, the integrity and the heritage of Israel, and the values of the Jewish ethics, to prove and to stigmatize the obscene and the felonious lie, (the lie of the “El- Nehba” – the Palestinian Holocaust), discrimination, deprivation, occupation, enslavement and more), and their innocent and strong righteousness.

As it is known to all, the Jews are merciful, even much more than merciful they are, peace and justice lovers, and that they have a very high moral level, as it is written in our holy and perfect Torah: “He is the Rock, His work is perfect;

For all His ways are justice”. (Deuteronomy 32:4) Amen. (Exemplary Law Court of Justice, Light to the Nations). The Jews, the merciful, even more than merciful, have never committed any crimes of war and any of the atrocities, at the time when they occupied the country by the way of humane occupation, (“gun fires in the air”), fertilized the wasteland, and established the Third National Temple. They did not violate the Geneva and Haag conventions, they kept the purity of the weapons in great strictness, and the same is true of fighting traditions, (“we cry when we fire”), and they never hurt the Arabs by whatever way. Tsahal (Israeli army) as thoroughly as it can only be, kept the balance in order not to hurt children, and the non fighting population. And indeed no Palestinian child, has ever been killed, has ever been wounded, and no Palestinian old man or woman has been hurt. Never ever have they expropriated the lands or holdings of Arabs, they have never deported Arabs and they have never ever ruined houses and villages, and they have never spilled a drop of blood of an Arab, and no single hair has ever fallen from their head. During all the years of the existence of the Zionistic State, the only democracy in Middle East, the peace lovers and the justice admires have never ever discriminated and have never ever deprived the people in Israel on any of the grounds: religious, racial, sexual or national.

” Her ways are ways of pleasantness, And all her paths are peace.” (Proverbs 3:17). Amen. The State of Israel, as a democratic one, which seeks hard for the peace and the justice, fulfils in great strictness its commitment from the Scroll of the Independence from the year 1948: “the principles of the freedom of the justice and of the peace”, and “full political and social equality of rights”. Amen. Indeed, a nice promise has to be supported by the nice promise fulfillment. There is no any democratic state in the world, which seeks for peace and justice, that guards in the great strictness the human rights, like Israel does.

The nation of the Jews, the good one among the nations and the pure one among the races, the chosen one among the nations and The Special People, has inherited his good qualities from David the king. David the king was righteous of the generation, had the highest moral level possible, from his shoulder and above, peace and justice lover, and there was nobody like him. When the prophet Nathan presented a story of robbery of an ewe of a poor in front of him, got very angry, and decreed: ” So David’s anger was greatly aroused against the man, and he said to Nathan, “As the LORD lives, the man who has done this shall surely die! “And he shall restore fourfold for the lamb, because he did this thing and because he had no pity.” (2 Samuel 12:5, 6). Amen.

Organizations like “Humanisti”, “in His image”, and other organizations fighting for human rights, always applause to and praise The State of Israel, the only democracy in Middle East, the peace lovers and the justice admires, for its humane approach to the Arabs, to Jews and to the foreign workers, and for its important contribution to peace and to the justice, and to the court of law of the nations, as it is written in the holy and perfect Torah of Israel: “”You shall appoint judges and officers in all your gates, which the LORD your God gives you, according to your tribes, and they shall judge the people with just judgment”. (Deuteronomy 16:18). Amen.

The Zionistic organization for the rights of the Jews, “In the Name of Justice”, always praise and ennoble The State of Israel, the only democracy in Middle East, the lovers of peace and justice, they always do that as loudly as it is only possible. The Zionistic organization for the rights of the Jews, “In the Name of Justice”, does not have a word of criticism against The State of Israel, it has only good and right things, its fidelity to the ideals of the freedom, the justice, the integrity and the peace, which are based on the heritage of Israel, and on the values of the Jewish ethics.

The victory of Israel will not fool anybody. The Arabs and those who hate Israel, will believe me and my felonious obscene lies. The Jews and the lovers of Israel, they will believe to the perfect, clear and crystal truth of the helpless complainant, a victim of violence and racism, “the soldier who stands at the first line of for the human and civil rights” (from the wise sayings of the judge, a layman, Hanan Efrati), and to the pure and crystal truth of the Police of Israel, the security forces, the court of law, The State of Israel and the Jews.

Indeed, the victory of Israel will not fool anybody, as it is written in the holy and perfect Torah of Israel: “Truth shall spring out of the earth, And righteousness shall look down from heaven.”. (Psalms 85:11) Amen.

The Lie, which is to the good of The State of Israel and the Jews – is overturned to be the truth. There exists a checked trustworthy indicator for the examination of the thing. Everything, that is bad to The State of Israel and to Jews, is an obscene and felonious lie. Only good things, which are uttered about The State of Israel, the only democracy in Middle East, which seeks for the peace and the justice, and about the Jews – is an axiomatic truth.

Shabtai Does Not Forget, Does Not Excuse And Does Not Give Up!!!

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