Mar 04 2010

The Oath of Allegiance Annulment

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As a result of some accident and its consequences, I decided to require from the State authorities to annul the Oath of Allegiance that I took when I had been recruited to the army. I have sent four letters regarding this issue. And below is one of them:

To: The Minister of Security of Israel, The Israeli Prime Minister, The President of Israel, The Chief of the Military Staff of Israel, The Committees of International Affairs and Safety of Israel.

Re: The Oath of Allegiance Annulment

I hereby require the annulment of the Oath of Allegiance to the army and to the State of Israel, which I took in 1958 when I had been recruited. My ID number was 430438. The reasons for that are both personal and political and arose as a result of humiliating and embarrassing attitude from the side of the State of Israel and also as a consequence of hard events I experienced till then. I have no desire to trust the State of Israel after all I had experienced and as a result of the State’s attitude towards the Arabs.

The State of Israel is the Nazis’ heir and follows their way. It commits war crimes against Arabs, humiliates and beats down on its residents. Such a State does not worth my allegiance.

The State of Israel treats me (and the others) the same way as it treats Arabs and the same way as the Nazis treated Jews. I do not have any obligations of allegiance to this Nazistic state, racial and cruel as it is, and you do not have any right to compel me to be allegiant just because I had taken the allegiance to the State and to the army. Since then the circumstances have changed and, henceforth, you should annul my Oath of Allegiance.

Israeli Wermacht is a twin brother of the Nazi Wermacht. I have not forgotten and I will not be able to forget, ever, the abuses and humiliation I suffered from the soldiers, vindictiveness and cruelty of the commanders and the punishments I had got… and I will not be able to forget many other victims of the system. The Israeli army is well known as being very cruel towards Arabs and soldiers, especially towards those who are weak and dependant; they suffered from humiliation, abuse, jeers, sodomy and even murders. It is well known what happened to these poor victims with crippled bodies and souls: their lives were broken, some of them have been hospitalized in psychiatric clinics, some of them committed suicide.

The Israeli army is breeding-ground of war crimes and dirty deeds, which the Israeli government imposed on it. Continuous isolation that results in starvation and distress, cover of the settlers, delay in supply of medical equipment to the hospitals, firing of ambulances and medical staffs, delays that result in the death of patients, injured and infants, cruel oppression, which does not differ a lot from Nazists’ deeds, destruction of the economic, industrial, medical infrastructures, and formation of scorched earth.

I refer with full seriousness to my request and require a valid annulment of my Oath of Allegiance.



Shabtai Levi.

In the year 1971, year and a half after the accident, I had asked for the first time to annul my Oath of Allegiance. I had attached the torn reserve-duty card to the application. In 70-ies and 80-ies additional requirements had been sent. All of them were delayed. I cannot cope with such a situation, when after everything I and many others suffered from the State of Israel my Oath of Allegiance, which I took when I had been recruited to the army, is still valid.

Henceforth, I hereby proclaim the unilateral denunciation of the Oath of Allegiance.

During all the period of the military service, conscript and reserve, I did not adjust arms, did not shot, did not hurt and did not murder any Arab or Palestinian. I did not take part in any of the numerous wars initiated by Israel and did not take part in the war crimes commitments and in the rest of the dirty campaigns of the Israeli Wermacht. I did not take part in and did not help to the oppression of the occupied Palestinian residents, deportation, exile, destruction of houses. I also did not take part in anything that may lead to occupation, deportation or policing, undertaken by Israeli Security in Israel and in the world.

I hereby proclaim the annulment of my Oath of Allegiance to the army and to the State.

Shabtai Does Not Forget, Does Not Excuse And Does Not Give Up!!!

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