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Banality of the Zionistic wickedness

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Important note: the unpleasant things I wrote about on this web page, in all its parts, refer only to the governmental oligarchy and its accomplices, to the centers of power and authority that belong to different nations, countries, religions and citizenship. There is nothing in this web page written or intended against those who are fair, honest, decent, against the victims of Zionism, apartheid, colonizations, injustice, wickedness, against those who live in terrible conditions, in poverty and starvation.

I refer to all the chouvinists and Nazis, savageous killers and bloodthirstiers, to those for whom to murder a Jew, an Arab, a Black, an Indian, a Kurdi, an Armenian, a Bushman or any other human being that does not belong to their race is considered to be a religious commandment, a good deed and a national obligation. And all these is being done for the benefit of their race and formation of a living space.

In this part – “Banality of the Zionistic Wickedness” all the deeds related to wickedness, cruelty, racism, Jewish chouvinism and disregard of human life will be presented and investigated. These deeds of the zionistic occupators are directed not only towards Arabs or foreign workers. A lot of Jews suffered and still suffer from abuse, humiliation, exploitation, oppression, injustice, discrimination, withholding payments and more, and all these has nothing to do with religion, gender, race or citizenship.

“Turn moon into stone in order not to be beaten and frightened and put the flag on their poured blood.”

This verse, if it were written at the very beginning of the previous century in German, could undoubtly be used by Nazis as their hymn. But these Nazi lines were written after the establishment of the State of Israel, in Hebrew language by S. Shalom in the chapter named “pray to the Israeli Systems,” Israeli book, dated 1972. This racist Nazistic literature is the compulsory reader for the Israeli pupils, it is taught in the Israeli schools under the supervision of the Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture, as a tool of the Zionistic brainwashing. S. Shalom gained the Award of Israel.

Not only the soldiers of the Israeli Wermacht turned their hearts to stones. Also the government, the employers, the contractors, the Rabbies, the bankers, the real-estate sharks and the barons of communication, the social insurance institution, insurance and commercial companies act in the same manner. They exploit and take advantages of the employees, withhold compensations from those suffered in accidents, from handicapped and elderly people; they deceive people and then through them away as a utilized material. The same may be said about the settlers and the religious parties, which squeeze the budget at the expense of the weakened layers and impose their will on others (religious coercion). The poor one, the weak one and the small one will pay and loose the little they have for the sake of those who are rich, strong and powerful. And all these is being done in a legal and “kosher” way, according to the low of the State of Israel.

The “poured blood” is not only the blood of Arabs. A lot of Jews bleeded and beated down on their lives, and left their health in numerous unnecessary, needless wars, in traffic accidents, diseases, and work accidents that happened because the government and the employers wanted to save funds at the expense of safety means and equipment. (More than 100 employees of the nuclear factory in Dimona suffered from cancer, part of them have died as a consequence of a high radiation. Most of the victims are junior employees.) The elders know how to prevent themselves from the radiation poisoning. Hundreds of soldiers in 60-ies were “used” in the atomic reactor construction in Dimona. They were not protected from the radiation (“Yediot Ahronot, 18/7/00). Also at the factory “Yeshasbest” in Naharia (currently closed) a lot of employees suffered and died from cancer as a result of poisoning from the fibrous asbest powder. 30 fighters of the sea commando suffered from cancer as a result of diving training in waters of the polluted river of Kishon. Physicians argue that these victims’ children will inherit the disease. The soldiers were punished by being given an order to drink water from the Kishon river in spite of the fact that the commanders knew that the water was full of chemicals. The soldiers who were diving in the Kishon river suffered from two kinds of cancer (“Maariv’, 21/6/00). Number of victims increases. In all these cases the soldies and the employees were not informed by their commanders and managers about the existing dangers. They also had not gotten any safety equipment. Palestinian and foreign employees also suffered from various kinds of work accidents… they got no compensation at all.

As a result of religious coercion, corruption at the State level, squandering of budget on the establishment of new settlements and expansion of the existing ones, roadbuilding, acquisition of new weapons and production of new atomic bombs, there is no money left for health, welfare, housing and education. And this is the reason for numersour strikes among medical staff, sociologists, teachers and others. And, of course, citizen is paying the price.

Settlements are established on the lands robbed and expropriated from Arabs. Funds for the settlements’ establishment are robbed from Jews.

The issues touched upon above are true also for the government of the USA and other Western States’ governments, for the International Bank, the International Fund of Currency, International corporations, Economic institutions and local dictators, the hearts of whom turned into stone. They make the third world countries starve. As a result of oppression and exploitation of natural resources and minerals, weapons trade, debt returns and interference into domestic affairs (demand for decrease of the budget for welfare, health, education etc.), 7 million children die every year and millions suffer from malnutrition, diseases, poverty and illiteracy. Every minute 13 children die as a result of undernourishment or disease in 40 the most poor countries.

In the 50-ies and 60-ies the Zionistic Wermacht ruined houses that belonged to Arabs. Before the destruction, officer responsible for the operation of destruction, distributed candies to the kids. The order to distribute candies to the children came from the General Staff of the Israeli Army in order to demonstrate humanity towards the children whose homes will be destroyed in another few minutes. Jews, as it is well know, is a merciful nation, peace- and justice-lovers and have a high cultural level.However, distribution of candies to the children had stopped after realization of the fact that there were no propagandistic advantages in this “act of mercy.” So, destruction of the houses continued without the candies being distributed to the kids.

This happened at the end of 70-ies. A soldier (female) who served in Jerusalem, lost her bag. Her personal documents and certificates were within this bag. She feared of the military trial and lied that an arab grabbed her bag. In the course of the police investigation she invented this arab’s “appearance.” The police arrested a settler from the territories whose “portrait” was similar to that described by the soldier. After a short trial, which included tortures, the suspected arab confessed that he “grabbed” the bag. The police encouraged by the results of the investigation continued with tortures until the arrested “confessed” that he had “accomplices” and discribed them. The police arrested his friends and they also confessed after a short trial that contained tortures, that they “grabbed” the soldier’s bag together with their friend. However, finally, the soldier confessed that she lost the bag and the case was closed.

In the year… Amil Grinzoig Jill was killed by a Jewish assassin from the right block. The killer threw a grenade at the demonstration against the war in Lebanon of the movement “Peace Now”. This happened in Jerusalem, in front of the Prime Minister’s office. Before the murder there was a campaign of agitation and menaces against all those who dislike this filthy war. Police forces that were presented at the place to ensure protection of the demonstrants, instead of catching the one who threw the grenade, attacked the demonstrants who belonged to the “Peace Now” movement. And also in the hospital, where the injureds were forwarded to, they got another portion of blows.

During burrial ceremony of Amil Grinzoig in Haifa, one could hear curses and menaces of those who belong to the right block. They expressed hatred and demonstrated how satisfied they have been by the murder. And all this happened in the presence of police. During the week of grief and protest in Tel Aviv, not far from the Municipality, some “lady” came and asked us wheather the “celebration is over or not yet.” The woman was a representative of Likud party in the Municipality. There were no official complaints to the police against the menaces and affront to the feelings of the mourners, since in the State of Israel to offend the Left is the same as to offend an Arab. Jews from the right block justified the murder, demonstrated joy and sutisfaction and continued with their menaces. There were no any reaction from the side of the authorities.

“No matter what a Goy says – matters what a Jew does.” This quotation from David Ben Gurion testifies already at the very beginning of the existance of the State of Israel, the approach to different nations of the world. “Defected nut” – mocked Ben Gurion the decision of UN to condemn Israel for its criminal deeds. “Cruel zionism” of Joseph Nedba (one of the leaders of the United Israel movement) and Abraham Sharon (Zionistic leader) could not suffer ciriticism and condemnation of the young State of Israel, and the company of criminals that occupied top positions in the State of Israel comprehended themselves as victims of former Nazists. They thought that they can do anything they want with the help of a huge amount of weapons they had.

The State of Israel was created by a cross-breeding of a thief and a bitch. The thief is imperialism, bourgeoisie, and colonialism. The bitch is the Zionism. Herzel, who established the Jewish State, made this with money he robbed from his wife, Julie Nashauer. At the end of 19th century in Austria women were forbidden to possess their parents’ property. Herzel’s wife did not like the Zionistic ideas. Herzel, who actually was an apotropus of his wife’s father’s property, used the money against the will of his wife. With this money that he robbed from his wife, he organized conferences and congresses and established the State of Israel. Herzel, who wasted the property of his wife’s father for his Zionistic ideas and establishment of the Jewish State, left his children in poverty; their condition was so miserable that there was a need to go begging for them.

At the Cave of the Patriarchs in Halif (Hevron) Dr. Baruch Goldshtein, of cursed memory, commited a slanghterous mass murder of praying Mouslims. Israeli government, accomplice of the crime imposed curfew on the victims of the murder. The security forces hurried to clean the arena of the slaughter in order to blur over all the traces and hide the owful crime commited by their companion.

Israeli governments, Faschistic phalangas of trained blocks, and organization of the Jewish murderers adopted the slogan of Nazists but for slight changes: “Until the blood of Arabs will be spilled – it will be sevenfold better for us.” (The Nazistic slogan was: “Until the blood of Jews will be spilled – it will be sevenfold better for us.”)

In 1988, in Hebron, during an accident between Jews and Arabs, a boy was wounded, a yeshiva student. His friends rushed to call for rabbanit Levinger, who was a professional nurse, to offer help for the patient. Rabbanit Levinger came to the wounded immediately, observed him, decided that he was a Palestinian child, and abandoned him. The Palestinians who saw that rushed to offer help to the patient and brought him to a hospital. Later on it became clear, that a child, a yeshiva student is missing, and awful mistake became apparent. Immediately they started looking for him and transferred him to an Israeli hospital. The child died due to the great delay in treatment.

The rabbi of killers, doctor Baruch Goldstein, be his memory damned, acted that way as well.

According to the laws of race Jews are strictly forbidden to offer help to a wounded who is not a Jew.

In the killers’ nest Kiryat-Arba, close to the tomb of the killer Baruch Goldstein, an enormous sign is posted with a citation from Tanach: “But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew…” (Exodus 1:12), the more the Palestinian uncle afflicted the miserable Zionist Goliath, armed from the foot to head by tanks, plains, rockets, ships and other murder facilities, which has 200 atom bombs, the more he alienated his lands, destroyed his buildings, arrested, found and killed his sons, closed the water for the houses and fields, that is the true miserable and sad Zionist Goliath, “the more they multiplied and grew”.

“Let us not accuse killers today. Why should we worry about their hatred towards us?”

“They have been staying in refugee camps in Gaza for eight years and just before their eyes we convert to our estate the land and the countryside they and their fathers lived there.”

“We are a generation of settlers, without a steel cover and tank muzzle we won’t have a chance to plant a tree or build a house.”

These cited above depressing words were said by Moshe Dayan in the end of fifties, at the tomb of Roy Rottenberg.

There is no need to add anything to that or to comment on it. “for the sword devours one as well as another. Strengthen your attack”. (2 Samuel 11:25)

In the book “In the Gun Turret without Cover”, which was published after the 1967 War, an officer of the Zionist Wermacht said, that for his son he was ready to ruin all the world.

And indeed, for the sake of security of Israel, in order to create Jewish living space (Lebensraum), for the sake of the Jewish nation of masters, the Zionist Wermacht ruins methodically entire villages, extirpates plantations of trees and agricultural fields, sows a destruction and desolation, and creates a charred land, in every place it arrives.

The war crimes and the atrocities the Jews commit to Arabs are not resultant from sadism and malice. The crimes and the atrocities that the State of Israel commit, take their source in the Zionistic ideology – racial – Nazi, which is based on the Jewish religion, (“Kill the good who is among the gentiles”).

The holocaust and genocide, which the Germans committed to Jews, Gypsies, and other nations, come from the Nazi ideology.

The criminals and the murderers, the Jews and the Germans, did not commit their crimes on criminal grounds, like ordinary criminals did. The criminals and the murderers of the Third Reich and of the Third National Home (which is the State of Israel) committed their monstrous crimes on ideological, murderous and racial grounds – the Nazism and the Zionism.

The terms “vandalism” and “Nazism” the old fashioned and the primitive ones, you can exchange the modern term, modern and more efficient one – “Zionism”.

There exist a suspicion that due to the failure of the talks in Camp David (July 2000) riots will break out. The State of Israel is ready, and it provided the settlers with a great amount of warfare, and filled the settlements with reinforcement and tanks. A criminal community survived among us, it does not care about a lot of blood to be spilled. The Israeli army knew how to treat violations of order “quickly, strongly and elegantly”. (……………….) The Israeli governments do not cry about the great amount of blood, which is spilled, not about the blood of Arabs, and not about the Jewish blood as well. The blood spillers of Jews and Arabs were constantly like oil in the wheels of Zionism. Valleys of blood, heaps of bodies, Jews and Arabs cover and mix with the soil of the United Land of Israel, fertilize it, enhance the real property and bring the messiah era closer. (“Wars of Gog and Magog and the beginning of the Salvation”). The tombs of the fathers, which are not in the United Land of Israel are never satisfied and their appetite grows with each generation. The war industry is very profitable to the Zionist ideology, so the weapon manufactures and retailers, the sharks of the real estate, religious profiteers and Zionist demagogues.

The gang of the criminals survived among us, the inheritors of the Nazis and the successors of their way created a lot of names for the Intifada – “violence, terror, violation of order and disorderliness”. The same way the Nazis reacted to the uprising in Warsaw ghetto, and to the other uprisings, in a similar form, and they oppressed them hard and cruelly. There is no any difference between the Jews, Polish, the Russians, and other nations as partisans who fought against the Nazi tyranny, and the Palestinians, fighters for freedom, heroes of the Intifada, the combatants against the Zionistic tyranny.

The Palestinian nation, a hero, that ignores the occupation, that ignores the oppression, the humiliation, the trouble and in the apartheid, that fights for his freedom, opposite the Zionist empire of evil, which is armed from top to toe by the best from all the modern weapons, made in United States, pays hard for the issue, pays by the victims, by the demolition of houses, by the extirpation of orange orchards and plantations of olives, and the destruction of the economy.

Nazi Germany, that occupied entire Europe, killed it, her destructed it, and damaged a lot of properties, and left burned to nothing land after itself, collapsed and fell. A day will come, and the empire of the Zionist evil will collapse and fall, in spite of the fact that it has a formidable army, like its sister, Nazi Germany did.

As a reaction to the crimes, which the State of Israel commits against the Palestinian people, the Palestinian defense organizations react with guerilla actions. During those people fall without any distinction. There were accidents with the Palestinian casualties in bus explosions. I can be hurt due to the State of Israel’s crimes as well. The crimes of the State of Israel will cost to everybody, even to those who oppose the situation.

An awful and terrible crime was committed in Ramalla on 11.10.2000, and that brought shame upon its executers, and upon the Arab nation as a whole, and it caused a lot of damage. Palestinian mass, being angry, committed Lynch execution of two Israeli solders.

Jews are not the most righteous as well. On .., in Beit Shean, Jewish throng committed a similar crime, when they killed and tortured the bodies of the Palestinians they had caught. That happened in Kiryat Shmona as well, in .., when Jews tortured Palestinians, insulted their bodies and burnt them.

When Arabs murder Jews, it is called Lynch execution. But when Jews murder Arabs, it is not called Lynch, but rather “Exemplary Law Court of Justice, Light to the Nations”, since it is written in Israeli Torah, a holy and innocent one: “Kill the best among the gentiles”.

During the 1967 war Israeli soldiers committed a lot of terrifying atrocities and violent acts against soldiers of the retreating Egyptian army, when they left them to die from thirsting in the desert. A rumor is circulating that Israeli forces destroyed a Egyptian military hospital and killed all the staff and the wounded patients. The generals Sharon, Raful and others, as well as other war criminals, whose hands are deep in their victims’ blood (Kibiya, Dir Yasin, Kfar Kasem, and others).

Ofer was quite well aware of the clear similarity between his deeds and the Nazi’s ones. On the other day after the killing he said: “We were exactly as Germans. They stopped the tracks, got the Jews out and shot them. We did the same way. There is no difference. Being soldiers, we followed our orders exactly the same way German soldiers followed their orders during the Second World War, when they were ordered to kill Jews.”

He repeated those words after thirty years not as request for an excuse, just to mention a fact of history.

During the mass murder at Kfar Kassem, in October 1956 forty nine victims were killed.

(From the book “Kfar Kassem: facts and myths, crossing red line”, the United Kibbuts, 2000.)

On 26.2.2001 a baby, who lived with her parents in Kiryat Arba was killed. The parents of the killed baby made use of her body as a weapon, delaying her burial, in order to force the occupying government to occupy the Abu Snina neighborhood, from where the deadly shooting took place, according to the Israeli government’s statements.

From the very day when the Zionist pig, a chauvinist, a Nazi and racial one, plunged his infectious and filthy claws into the Palestinian land hundreds of Palestinian children and babies were shot, murdered, and killed by the Israeli Wermacht, and the falangas, the groups of Israeli murderers, settlements members, by different means (weapons, which the army “forgot” in the fields, “shooting into the air”, surgical explosions, gum bullets, man hunting, pogroms and “crystal nights”, suspension of the ambulances at the check points, closure, deprivation of medical help, and more). Those Palestinian babies “found their deaths”, as it is called by the inferior murderers, the fascists, children of the Jewish nation of masters, Nazis inheritors and followers.

“Satan has not created the blood vengeance for a little baby yet.” In racist and Nazi Israel this condition is valid, of course, only when an Arab kills a Jewish child. If a Jew murders an Arabic child, this condition is not valid for him, because of the fact that Zionistic Satan, who is a friend of the Jewish murderer, will not take vengeance on him for death of a Palestinian child.

Shabtai Does Not Forget, Does Not Excuse And Does Not Give Up!!!

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