Mar 04 2010

Who is a terrorist?

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Who is a terrorist?

Murder of a nation, – genocide, occupation, transfer, apartheid, crimes against humanity and war crimes that are committed by a democratic country, seeking peace and justice, pretending to be a member of the free, cultural and civilized world, for the sake of World Bank, International Monetary Foundation, by the well known and organized army that wears uniform and makes use of the modern and elaborated weapons of mass destruction and clever bombs quickly, hard and elegantly, for the sake of the righteous goals and for the sake of the western culture of white man, – is not terror!

The Holocaust, that the Nazis committed against Jews, against Gypsies, against Slavs and others inferior people for the sake of the white race, – is not terror!

Elaborated and super modern weapons supply, military security counseling for the corrupt tyrants, who murder their own peoples and other nations, is not terror!

The holocaust of the Indian nations, Kurds, Bushmen and many others, in America, Africa, and Asia, that were done by the White Man, the cultured and the enlightened one, is not terror!

The crimes of war that Israel commit, apartheid, mass detentions, liquidations, imprisonments, preventing of ambulances coming, closure, starvation, emaciation, demolition of houses, deprivatization of lands, surgical bombardments, selling weapons to the tyrants, is not terror due to the fact that they are executed for the sake of Zionism, by the democratic state, seeking for peace and justice. Governments of Israel are selected in democratic elections, which are exemplary. A State of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, seeking for the peace and the justice, irrevocably opposes to the Arab terror, and to the violence, and fights it with all its power, for the sake of the better future.

At the time of the British mandate in the Land of Israel the Jewish undergrounds, the National Military Organization, the Freedom Fighters of Israel and the Defense Forces took different measures for extermination of the British and Arabs from the Land of Israel. Those Jewish terrorist organizations did not abhor any means, such as, assassination, abductions, bombs in the market places and other public places of Arabs, and more. Laying of mines that the Jewish organizations performed, from the love to Israel, that brought many Arabs to death, they is not terror due to the fact that anything, that according to the Zionistic racial laws, – “Good Arab is dead Arab”. That is why, the National Military Organization, the Freedom Fighters of Israel and the Defense Forces and the followers of their way today, the Jewish underground of the settlers, the Jewish murder organizations, they are not terrorist organizations. And in spite of that Arabic organizations of murderers, that acted by the similar methods as the National Military Organization, the Freedom Fighters of Israel and the Defense Forces, they are not terrorist organizations, murderous and inferior ones, that they do not abhor any means.

The crimes that the United States of America committed, through over the entire world, and that caused death of millions of people, it is not terror! The mentioned above crimes that were done in the name and for the sake of the free world by the United States of America, Israel, Germany, NATO, and other states, they were committed in the name of justice, white culture, the World Bank, and democracy. Presidents of United States, fortress of democracy, are selected through democratic and exemplary elections.

The United States of America, Israel, and other countries that occupied large territories in Africa, Asia, America, and Europe, made use of bombs and rockets, and mass destruction weapons – cassette bombs, napalm, uranium, and clever bombs, from the air, from the sea and from the ground, and that brought millions to death, it not terror! Terror is imposition of fear and she threat. The clever and cultural bombs, that were imposed by many of the murderers, United States, Israel, and NATO do not create fear. Bombardments and the missiles deliver death, wounding, destruction and desolation, and therefore it is not terror!

If so, then who are the terrorists?

The terrorists are the partisans among Jews, Polish, Czechs, Russians, and other nations that fought against the Nazi tyranny, at the time when Nazi Germany conducted a holy war against barbarism. The terrorists are the Arab nation of Palestine, and other Arab nations that fight against the Zionistic tyranny, against the American imperialism, and against colonialism. The terrorists are the nations of Central and Southern America, Asia and Africa, who have an aversion to colonialism, to imperialism, to the robbery of their country, of their natural resources, for the sake of the World Bank, International Monetary Foundation, the globalization, and the American tyranny.

The terrorists are the victims of White Man, armed with the weapon of mass destruction, the despondent, that exploited, the sufferers a disgrace of hunger, destitution and from illnesses, that can not suffer the occupation any more, as well as the depression, the suffering and the debasement, that oppose the directives of the World Bank, the World Trade Union, and therefore they are forced to make use of weapon.

If the former presidents of United States of America, together with their ass lickers Israelis, would meet Adolph Hitler, in the hell, for the small talk with a cup of coffee, and would recall memories from the old days, there is no doubt that their good friend Hitler get the inferiority complex in hard form, facing the numerous crimes of the Americans, Zionism, and the Europeans, the colonialism, the imperialism, the racism, the rude chauvinism, and the tremendous number of their victims.

The criminals from Washington, from the White House and from Pentagon premeditate an awful murder now, as retaliation. Also their criminal partners, the State of Israel, expects from the Americans the green light for the committing murder of the Palestinian population, which they do not like at all.

That is why it is allowed, preferable, and it is even a duty of the depressed nations, victims of the colonialism, the robbery and the injustice, to take weapon, and protect their countries and on and their lands. Due to the fact that the struggle of the despondent nations is righteous, the freedom fighters should choose well the means of their struggle and its objectives and to try to control the balance of the action thoroughly, in order not to hurt the unarmed civilian population, who do not fight.

Shabtai Does Not Forget, Does Not Excuse And Does Not Give Up!!!

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