Mar 04 2010

Work makes you free

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“Woe to him who builds his house by unrighteousness and his chambers by injustice, who uses his neighbor’s service without wages and gives him nothing for his work…” (Jeremiah 22:13)

When one seed into tears – others will joyfully reap the havest.

“Work makes you free”. Under this lying and demagogic slogan nazis used their victims for crushing work to death, for the good of the Third Reich, and for the good of the German people of masters.

A lot of people are used in the State of Israel as well, who are not paid by their employers, under cover of the courts of law. In this paragraph I will bring more details on what happened to me personally, and to others, Jews, Arabs and foreign workers, about the payment delays, rude and brutal use of cheap and free of charge manpower, and the criminal actions towards foreign workers, Arabs and about the Israeli courts of law, which always tend to protect the Jewish side, employers and rich people, for the Third Temple, and for the Jewish people of masters.

In 1969, short time before the accident, I worked as a tractor operator in a firm “Amnonim”, which is in Hadera, (who tried to deceive the Tel-Aviv stock exchange), Valency brothers, and Uri Amir, contractors for the hard labor.

I worked at brothers Valency in Eilat in a building unit as a tractor operator. I worked for 10 – 15 hours per day. In addition to the payment delays I paid for petrol myself, oil and mending for the tractor, which the employer denied to pay. I filed a complaint on the payment delay at the Tel-Aviv Peace Court of Law. There was no any result. The case about the payment delay against “Amnonim” I lost as well.

I worked for Uri in Sinai, at the Bar-Lev fortification line, near the Suez Canal shore, which was ruined during Yom Kipur war in 1973 as a card tower. The work was under dangerous conditions, at a time of the attrition war, and many were killed and wounded. I was hurt by shooting and explosions. Once I had to work at a tractor, which operator was just shot by the Egyptian sniper. There were numerous signs of the shooting and blood spots upon the tractor. The employer, Uri Amir rejected to pay my salary and the tractor maintenance expenses, so I filed a complaint about the payment delay.

At the “trial” in the Tel-Aviv Regional Labor Court, civil case number 2/104/69, which was held on 23.5.71, the defendant’s attorney argued that I was embittered due to the accident, and demanded that the judge would not take my words into account. The Jewish judge, clement, son of a clement, stated his brilliant statement as follows: “…he is after a serious accident, and he does not have a possibility to prove his assertions.” The judge took into account the fact that the complainer, who had once already suffered from a car accident, and he was very embittered, and here we go – one is aloud to discriminate him for another time, to delay his payments, since the complainer got already used to be discriminated, embittered and humiliated. The judge offered me a deal, and , when I rejected it, he threatened me that he would require that I would pay fees, the trial would last for a lot of time, and I was likely to loose the case. I was forced to agree. So – exemplary Law Court of Justice, light to the nations, according to the principles of liberty, justice, righteousness and peace of the Jewish heritage, and the values of the Jewish tradition.

After the destruction of the fortifications of the Bar-Lev line, in 1973, a joke spread throughout Israel: “the only buildings which survived after the destruction of the fortifications of the Bar-Lev line were the contractors’ villas, who built them in Savion, Hertsliya and Apheka.” Uri Amir and many other contractors and employers got very rich from the rude and brutal exploiting their workers. Every time I appeared in the labor court of law I met my coworkers from Sinai, who filed complaints about the payment delays as well. (I can testify about the case when a teenager, who suffered from mental disorder, worked as a loader for a employer who delayed his payment. He was sentenced by the court of law to accept the sum of money which the employer was ready to pay, since he had no possibility to appear in the court due to his mental condition.)

Villa of Uri Amir in Savion, and of the other contractors were built on the blood, sweat and money of their workers, legally, under the court protection, for the pride and glory of the State of Israel.

The day will come, and the damned State of Israel will go down and be destroyed as were Sodom and Gomorrah and as Nazi Germany.

At the end of 70-s media publicized an accident which happened in the occupied territories. A Jewish settler employed a Palestinian teenager to watch his tractor at nights. As he finished his job the teenager required his payment from the settler. The latter refused to pay him and threatened him with his pistol. Payment delay for the Palestinians and foreign workers is a legal standard procedure in the State of Israel.

The attitude of the Israeli establishment towards foreign, Palestinian and Israeli workers is awful. Payment delays, physical attacks and damages, breaking teeth, robbery of salary, which was not paid to them by the employers or the employed for that purpose hooligans. The exploiters from the Jewish people of masters have a great inventory of different ways of plundering their Palestinian, Jewish and foreign workers. Foreign workers, who were wounded during performing their duties are deported immediately to save on compensation money. Foreign employees, who were wounded at work are forced to escape out of the hospitals shortly after their hospitalization to prevent their deportation, payment delay, and compensation delay. The Israeli Gestapo refrains from helping them against robbery and attacks, and other criminal actions. The only ray of light for them in the Israeli Sodom is the organizations “Line to Worker” and “Doctors for the People’s Rights”, which help them by their very modest means.

Shabtai Does Not Forget, Does Not Excuse And Does Not Give Up!!!

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