Mar 04 2010

Israeli murder equipment in Auschwitz skies

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Israeli murder equipment in Auschwitz skies

During the Memorial Ceremony devoted to the Nazis’ victims, which has been led by Israelis in Auschwitz, there have been three Israeli battle jets. These three jets flied in Auschwitz sky during the ceremony and have been piloted by the descendants of the Catastrophe victims.

This aerial demonstration was a pretentious stupid demonstration of power and has aroused anger throughout Europe. The Israeli representative explained that the noise produced by the airplanes is the demonstration of a protest.

Military aircrafts are the tools of murderers, technologically advanced and very destructive. They are capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

The State of Israel and the Jewish nation have all the rights to protest against and to shout out loud about the Nazis’ crimes. The Memorial Ceremonies have to be led in the atmosphere of appropriate sensitivity and modesty, suitable for the memory of the victims. It should be forbidden to appear at such ceremonies with uniforms, weapons and military equipment.

These three aircrafts, that have been acquired and built by the death industries of the US, and have been on their way to Israel, were flying in the skies of Auschwitz in order to prove their goal: murder, ruination, and destruction. The noise of the bombs that have been dropped out of such aircrafts to kill (and they did kill) a great amount of people, is the Israeli protest against of the Nazis crimes.

Indeed, this is the protest of the murderers and war criminals, whose arms are contaminated by the blood of Arabs and other nations, and who use the victims of the Catastrophe as an excuse for implementation of their own crimes.

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