Mar 04 2010

Lions and Eagles

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What is the difference between the symbols of American, Nazist and Iraqian eagles?

There is no any difference. The only difference is the design, the color, and the size. The three eagles, American, Nazist, and Iraqian represent bloody tyranny, mass murders, militarism, war crimes, dirty deeds, cruelty, racism, corruption, oppression, poverty, and troubles.

Lions and eagles are considered to be the kings of animals. Numerous nations, countries, religions, and cultures admire lions and eagles and are dedicated to them. Indeed, there is an evident justification for that. Lion is a proper example of the kink of animals. He represents rulership and authority. Lion is hanging around all the day, and the lioness the prey. Lion is the first to eat the food and if there is not enough prey, the lioness and the whelps are suffering from hunger. Indeed, no boundaries to the piggishness of lions whose whelps may die of hunger (see nature reports of National Geographic).

It’s well known that eagle, the king of birds, eats corpses. When he thrusts his bald head into the corpse of a dead rotted animal, then he is becoming a King. No doubt, eagle is worth royal crown.

Kings and dictators, as it is well known, love their citizens dearly. They assess them with heavy taxes, exploit their peoples, sacrifice their soldiers in bloody wars. Yes, lion is very suitable symbol for royalty, exploitation, cruelty, corruption, and authority.

Lion is not a part of the symbol of the State of Israel. However, in Jewish religion lion occupies very important place. Lions is being mentioned in numerous places in the Old Testament and is presented in many names and phrases: “young lion” – “kfir”, “lion” – “lish”, “Jewish lion whelp” – “ gur arie yehudi” and so on.

It’s not by chance, that lots of kings, dictators, and tyrants, cruel and blood thirsty, chose lions and eagles as the symbol of their dirty power.

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