Mar 04 2010

Answer to The Great Demagogue

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This is my answer to the Great Demagogue, Minister of Foreign Affairs, the liar Benjamin Netanyahu. This is my answer to his lies and despicable words. This is my answer to him, who accused Belgium government for anti-Semitism and libel, for their wish to bring to trial the Israeli war criminals. Any criminals, murderers, thieves, robbers, and filth people do not like to be accused for their crimes.

The Great Demagogue, Minister o Foreign Affairs Benjamin Netanyahu is convinced that Jews are allowed to kill and to perform other dirty deeds because the Jews have been, once, the victims of the Catastrophe, because they have been persecuted, because of the pogroms, chauvinism. All this gives him a moral excuse for murders, expropriations, abuse of a weak and not protected. The Catastrophe of the Jewish people becomes, in his eyes, permission for murdering Arabs.

Anti-Semitism and Anti-Nazism.

The Zionist Criminal Demagogues, numerous war criminal of Israel, those who have performed lots of dirty deeds, mass murders, those whose arms are contaminated in Palestinian blood, blood of Central and South American peoples, peoples form Asia and Africa. Their mass-murder industry provided weapons and other military equipment, and knowledge of military experience to cruel dictators and blood-thirsty people. To those who become the cause of death of millions, Jews and not Jews, those who accuse Israel for its crimes, anti-Semitism, anti-Nazism, anti-Zionism, racism, inciting against the State, violence of speech, lies, libel of blood, demonization of Zionism, hatred of Israel, and slandering of the Israeli Democratic government, Jews who lack peace and justice… they have not, never ever, conducted any dirty deeds against the Arabs and have not performed any war crimes.

Should a German visitor had come to “Yad va-Shem” and to the other museums devoted to the issue of the Catastrophe, he would be shocked and would accuse the Jews and the State of Israel in anti-Nazism, hatred of Germans, lies (Auschwitz, “the final decision”, the Catastrophe and more), racism, violence, demonization of the Nazism, and slandering against established cultural country, with established democratic laws, and against its great leader, who was fighting for peace and justice, Adolph Hitler (like American president George Bush and prime minister of Israel), against this country that fought against the “Communistic danger”, against Soviet Union, for the rights of the free world, new world order, oil, and territories (exactly as the United States and Israel are doing). The merciful Nazis, who advocated peace and justice, have never performed dirty deeds against Jews, Gypsies, and other nations.

The reign of evil and criminal, USA, has warned (at the end of 2002) a number of countries that handed over American soldiers that performed the war crimes, and threatened them with different sanctions. In order to make the war crimes, dirty deeds and other crimes less visible, USA, about two years ago, has opened the Museum of Jewish Catastrophe. However, the American criminals don’t want to show there the Catastrophe of the Indians and other nations, the cause of which only Americans could be. According to the modern American history, the Americans, those pure and innocent people, have never performed any war crime or any other dirty deed.

The State of Israel also inherited from the Nazis and follows its way. Israel loves to demonstrate to the worlds the war crimes and dirty deeds that the Nazis have performed against Jewish people (and against other nations, whom Israel is used to forget). The State of Israel, Nazistic and criminal in its nature, loves to present itself as a victim of anti-Semitism, pogroms, and Catastrophe. Along with that it, itself, performs war crimes and other dirty deeds against the Arabs and other nations. And its war industry produces and distributes weapons and consultations to the cruel dictators all over the world.

Anti-Semitism is not only the hatred directed against the Jews. Arabs also belong to the Semitic people, as well as Jews do. Henceforth, hatred to Arabs is anti-Semitism as well. Nazistic Jewish anti-Semites perform the “Crystal Night”, expropriations of lands, pogroms, destruction of houses and whole villages, apartheid, war crimes and transfers against the Semitic Arab nations, and how to organize the Arab Catastrophe they have learned from the Nazis Germany.

Concentration camps and gas cameras are not only for Jews. The Jewish Catastrophe has become the gymnasium of murder, the University of war crimes and dirty deeds, which Jews learned from the Nazis Germany. The Jewish nation and the State of Israel have paid a heavy, very heavy price: 6 millions of victims, as a tuition and murder-license, license to perform war crimes and dirty deeds against Arabs and other nations. The Jews were not only the victims of the pogroms, but also excellent students, professional killers, who learned really good the theory of murder from their teachers – Nazis. The State of Israel is cynical and humiliating, it uses the Catastrophe as an excuse for its dirty purposes against the Arabs, Jews, and other nations.

The State of Israel is the successor of the Nazis and follows their way. The State of Israel has a well developed death-industry that develops tools of different kinds for mass destruction, including atomic weapons, chemical and biological weapons. The Israeli “Wermacht” – the “Defense Army” of Israel, is the fourth one in the world, it is well equipped with modern weapons, produced by American war industry.

The State of Israel and the Zionism, from the very first day of its establishment, always wanted to get rid of the Palestinians. It is the vanguard of the European imperialism, and then, later on, the American one, against the neighbor-nations, it is among the first countries, who provide war services for the European and American colonialism.

Shabtai Does Not Forget, Does Not Excuse And Does Not Give Up!!!

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