Mar 04 2010

Car accident with rating

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Car accident with rating

In the weekly attachment to the “Ediot Ahronot” newspaper from 07/06/02, there has appeared an article about a car accident. There has also been information about the pitiable compensation, which usually the victims of an accident receive (if any).

It was said in the article that in a car accident in which there are human victims and the car is being damaged, the compensation for the vehicle is higher than for human health and life! This is the “cost” of a Jew in the State of Israel. A Jew, who was injured or died in a car accident. A Jew who is a victim of a hostile action will get higher compensation and lots of benefits, and God will accept his holy blood. Jewish blood spilled by an Arab will never be abandoned.

However, Jewish blood spilled as water in a car accident has no value, so that the Zionistic state establishment is ignorant of it. It is doing nothing about it. Jewish blood, valuable and holy. The God will purify it only if it is spilled by an Arab, in a terrorist attack, or during a war. Jewish blood spilled in a car accident, or spilled by another Jew, or in a criminal situation, or a Jewish woman murdered by her husband… this blood has no value. It’s so cheap that the God will not purify it because the State of Israel cannot purify and justify it, because the State of Israel cannot, in revenge, murder lots of Arabs instead, destroy their houses, expropriate their lands, and establish there Jewish settlements.

The article also tells us that those car accident victims that were lucky to be in the newspapers’ coverage will get bigger compensations than those who were not lucky enough to appear in the media.

The car accident, of which I have become a victim, has not appeared in any newspaper. The car accident had happened on 024/04/1970 (case no. 2241/70, closed because of the “lack of evidences”, and the driver was not sentenced and was not punished). There has been not even a single word written about it in any newspaper because such a victim, from the viewpoint of the State of Israel, has no value and no one needs to consider him. He lacks personality, he is a “sub-human”, he is not a valuable pure-blood chosen Jew, he is not a part of the chosen high Jewish society.

Shabtai Does Not Forget, Does Not Excuse And Does Not Give Up!!!

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