Mar 04 2010

song: Why we have come?

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We have come because

The trees are in blossom

Because the wind tugs at our sleeves

We come because the ocean has brought us here many times

We have come because a man

Once held a fresh page to the light

And declared tyranny dead

We have come because a woman

Refused to keep her place

We have come because the planet brought us

On its way around the sun

Trees hold onto the sky and breathe the rooted earth singing deep songs of oxygen

Bees roam between flowers and the moon weaving genetic strands in the ageless spiraling dance

Restless elephants push against their diminishing range

tear through feces looking for food

never imagining fences

We are people

and this is what we do

We have come to say

the planet will not be privatized

the holy ground will not be sanitized

People are not numbers to be erased

We are tired of insider deals cut in rooms

Full of plush carpets and air conditioning

While families starve in the sweltering doorways

Sick from the sludge of poorly digested dollars

Oozing from the sewers and washing the shopping malls

in the stench

Development loans that build dictators’ palaces

And prison factories

While charging the people

for the chains that enslaves them

and the bullets that kill them

plus interest

We have com because we have followed long trails of


To this place

And we are asking to see your hands

We have come because we looked in the mirror today

And we saw that you were us

And we are trying to change

We have come because we are here

Because we have been taught to stand

Because we were born

Because and endless river brought us here

(Troy Skeels)

Shabtai Does Not Forget, Does Not Excuse And Does Not Give Up!!!

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