Mar 04 2010

Song – About this

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Song- About this

Jeeb cross my the occupied city

Armed youth …

In the desert street

Old man and woman

They gathered who directed him to the wall

Laugh the youth:

I try the machine gun … And scabies him

The oldster covered his face by his hands

And his blood cover the wall

This photo to the expensive liberation battles

She found from her many . This secretly

Our war needs expression and poems

We were nice to her that? until this

To her this on soft events

Where by the way murder names

Talk to listener intelligent

He laughed at renunciation and permission

The privacies in the progress scope say

No and all

He leans to the law

By since all they listen to the single individual

Because they arms and we with them

Who in the reality

From by the agreement

We squeeze in the whirl of the coercion and the revenge

To signings my criminal the war

Shabtai Does Not Forget, Does Not Excuse And Does Not Give Up!!!

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